The Benefits of Training to Full Range of Motion

February 21, 2023

When you’re at the gym, you may be tempted to rush through your reps and get the workout over with. After all, who wants to waste time in the gym? But if you’re not training to full ranges of motion, you’re actually doing yourself a disservice. Not only will you miss out on developing complete strength and muscle development, but you’ll also put your body at risk for injury. Read on for an overview of why it’s important to take your time and train properly.

Full Range of Motion Increases Your Strength Gains

If you want to maximise your strength gains from each exercise, then training through full range of motion is key. By taking the time to move through each rep slowly and with control, you are able to engage more muscles which helps build strength faster. Additionally, by controlling the speed at which you move through each rep, it allows for greater activation in both concentric (muscle shortening) and eccentric (muscle lengthening) exercises as well as more time under tension which increases muscle growth.

Reduces Risk of Injury

When we are rushing through our reps or using a weight that is too heavy for us, our form tends to suffer which can lead to injury such as muscle tears or tendonitis. Training with proper form not only reduces your risk of injury but also ensures that you are getting the most out of your workouts by engaging all of the necessary muscles properly. Taking the time to ensure that your form is correct during each rep will help reduce strain on joints while still allowing for maximum gains.

Improves Mobility

As we age our mobility can decrease due to lack of use or poor posture throughout daily activities such as sitting at a desk all day or driving long distances regularly. Training with full ranges of motion helps increase our joint mobility as it forces us to move into positions that we wouldn’t usually find ourselves in during daily activities. This increased range of motion helps us become more agile and increases our ability perform everyday tasks easier and with less discomfort or pain in our joints.

Training within full ranges of motion is essential for achieving maximum strength gains while reducing the risk of injury from improper form or using weights that are too heavy for us. Not only will training this way help improve performance in sport-specific activities such as running and jumping but it can also help improve daily functions such as sitting down or reaching above head height without any pain or discomfort in joints or muscles. So next time you’re in the gym make sure to take some extra seconds between reps so that you can concentrate on perfecting your form so that every rep counts!

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