Start with simple changes and build complexity over time.

Meet your new coach

With over a decade working in the fitness industry, I have dedicated thousands of hours towards my professional education, worked with some of the best coaches that the industry has to offer, and created a business that will always put you first.

This is a business and community that is driven by passion, and the drive to be the best that we can be – both in and out of the gym.


– PICP Lv 2
– PICP Lv1
– BWLA Lv 2 Weightlifting Coach
– BWLA Lv 1 Weightlifting Coach
– CYQ Lv3 Applied Nutrition
– CYQ Lv3 Personal Training

Mental Health Advocate Kickboxing Instructor
Form Strength Athlete Olympic Weightlifting Coache

A bit about me

I got into the personal training game in 2013 after a series of internships with various strength coaches dating back to 2010. But my real journey in fitness started way before that.

When I was younger, I was a fat kid. Not fat in the way that kids can be, and still be cute. I was fat… like, fat fat.

I was ok at sports. And by sports I mean fields of athletics that favoured the ‘larger’ individual. Judo, Rugby, Shotput etc. But if I am honest with myself, I hid behind these sports to justify my size, and just how unhappy I was.

I spent over a decade feeling lost, and filled with self loathing at what I saw in the mirror.

Being part of Rebellion Strength, is to be part of a community centred around progress.

Ashamed of my body, and my inability to commit to doing anything about it, I reached an all time low with my mental and physical health. It was at my lowest I knew that I needed and extreme change before I experienced an extreme byproduct of my current state.

So I picked up a barbell. And I never looked back.

I got out of my comfort zone. Embraced my strengths as well as my limitations, and began the process of changing who I was as a person.

I am under no illusions that the barbell saved my life.

Be part of our community, and be an active participant in the growth of your strength​

Now I want you to be part of this community. I realise that for many of you taking this leap is scary, but you don’t have to go it alone. Each member of Rebellion Strength is part of our private online Facebook community that supports, shares, and acts as a collective source of accountability. Whether it is one to one personal training, group sessions, or online coaching. We are here for you. If you aren’t ready to take that step. Please feel free to sign up to the newsletter to receive strength and fitness related tips that should help get you on the path to being a better, stronger version of you.

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